Anti-Cheat System For Allkeyshop Rewards Program

June 19, 2018 at 5:16 PM in Gaming News with no comments
AllKeyShop Reward Program Anti-Cheat System

As you may have already known, a new Allkeyshop Rewards Program has been set up for the whole Allkeyshop Network. And with that as well as with there have been tens of thousands of users that were able to join and use the program. They were able to participate in giveaways as well as make their own wheels to win amazing games and prizes.

And of course, we would want all of these to be fair to make sure that everyone using the Rewards Program is happy with it. We, of course, are always hard at work to prevent anything that is unsatisfactory to our user’s experience. Sadly, there are users who took advantage by making multiple accounts across the different sites of the Allkeyshop Network.

Do note that creating multiple accounts in the Allkeyshop Network is not allowed, any activity that is intended to manipulate the Rewards Program is also not allowed. To catch cheaters, we have an anti-cheat system that can detect such behavior.

  • Multiple accounts created by the same user will be detected by the anti-cheat system.
  • All of these accounts will be banned permanently.
  • The user who created the accounts will be allowed to reactivate one account given he or she links it with a Level 1 Steam account.
AllKeyShop Reward Program Anti-Cheat System

As of this writing, there had been 6,188 accounts had been 316 users that were detected by our anti-cheat program.

Let us all work hard to keep our Rewards Program free from these characters to have an enjoyable and fun experience for all. Our live chat is available at all times to help you.

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