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Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Price Comparison

What Is the Apex Legends Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download Apex Legends directly to your Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo Eshop.

How Can I Find the Lowest Price for Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch?

CheapDigitalDownload.com compares trusted sellers to find the cheapest discount codes and best sales on Apex Legends digital download prices on the USA market.

Release date
March 9, 2021
Official website
Respawn Entertainment
Electronic Arts
Free to Play Shooter Multiplayer Battle Royale

About this game

Choose which legendary character you would want to be in this Free-to-Play Battle Royale shooter. Go on epic battles through the rough world where anything is possible.

  • Each legendary hero comes with unique personalities and skills and the roster is continually growing.
  • Create the best crew out there and use each other’s skills to win.
  • Make strategic decisions and use your wits to come on top of this battle royale.
  • Gameplay is continually evolving with innovative features added on overtime.


I’m excited to see Respawn’s plans for the future. Although Apex Legends is fairly light on content at the moment, after having played it for over a week now, it’s become my new favorite battle royale game. Matches are quick enough that I never feel burned by a sudden loss and jumping back in with different legend makes it more addictive than any battle royale I’ve played so far.



A refinement of battle royale, Apex Legends is great fun — but there’s still room for improvement.

The Overpowered Noobs


  • 9 Character Unlocks: Caustic, Mirage, Octane, Wattson, Crypto, Revenant, Loba, Rampart, and the Season 7 Legend.
  • 7 Exclusive Legendary items: “Risen Queen” Wraith skin, “Forged Knight” Revenant skin, “Hallowed Spirit” Crypto skin, “Curse of the Awaken” Triple Take skin, “Slayer’s Lancer” Flatline skin, “Jaded Myth” Sentinel Skin, and “Emperor Nessy XIV” Gun Charm.
  • 1000 Apex Coins.

Apex Legends Mayhem Pack

Apex Legends Mayhem Pack incluldes the Fuse Rare “Ringmaster” Skin and 600 Apex Coins.

Apex Legends Lifeline Edition

Apex Legends Lifeline Edition comes with the Legendary Guardian Angel Lifeline Skin, Legendary Flatline Banner and Badge, and the 1,000 Apex Coins.

Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition

Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition includes the Exclusive Legendary “Full Metal Robot” Pathfinder Skin, Exclusive Legendary “First Blood” Havoc Skin, Exclusive “Molotov Cocktail” Gun Charm, Exclusive “Lone Bot” Badge and 1,000 Apex Coins.


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There is 1 offer at $45.99.

US BOX GAME : This is an US import of Apex Legends Nintendo Switch in Box Edition (DVD-CD ROM). This is not a downloadable product. Please read the sellers page for any additional costs (taxes, shipping), delivery time for your country and languages available.
NINTENDO GAME CODE USA : This is Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Digital Game Code for Nintendo US Account. Use the Download Code on the Nintendo eShop of your Console. Once connected to the Nintendo eShop, you can enter and redeem the Download Code. Read carefully the store description about any language and region restrictions.
Bloodhound Edition
Champion Edition
Gibraltar Edition
Lifeline Edition
Octane Edition
Pathfinder Edition

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