April 22-28 The Week In PC Gaming Trailers

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This Week in Trailers

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It may be the last week of the month but it is an exciting week for the gaming world with new game announcements, new characters introduced and a whole lot of different stuff that will surely hype you up even more. You can check out the most notable PC trailers below:

Mortal Kombat 11 — Official Frost Reveal Trailer

NetherRealm shared the last character to complete its Mortal Kombat 11 roster just before it launches and it is for the character named Frost! We actually knew this already because images and videos of Frost had been leaked at an earlier time, nonetheless, we are still excited to see her strut her stuff in her reveal trailer. Her official trailer will chill you to the bones, as both her and Sub Zero fight ice with ice. Frost, of course, wins and we get to see her fatality. She freezes Sub Zero, punches him hard to break the outer body part exposing the brain and the spine and then transplanting it to what looks like a robot!

Tamarin — Announcement Trailer


Rare shared a new trailer announcing their newest 3D platformer called Tamarin. The game reminds us of a mix of games; on the platforming side, it feels like Banjo-Kazooie with a mix of Ratchet & Clank third-person shooter element. Hopefully, this won’t have a Yooka Laylee launch where it exceeded its Kickstarter records but released with mixed review only.

Dark Future Blood Red States — Official Trailer


Games Workshop is not all about Warhammer. Actually, Auroch Digital is making an adaptation for a post-apocalyptic vehicle combat tabletop called Dark Future into a video game. You can check out the trailer above to see how this could be. It kind of feels like Mad Max in a different kind of way. You can add this on your Steam wishlist now, it will launch on May 16th.

Project Winter — Launch Date Reveal Trailer

Other Ocean Interactive was able to announce that their upcoming multiplayer survival game called project winter is leaving early access and launching as a full game on May 23rd. The game comes with a unique concept where 8 players are grouped together and one of the 8 will be randomly assigned to be the traitor in the group.

Fortnite X Avengers Endgame Trailer

Epic Games is not sparing anything when it comes to the Fortnite X Avengers End Game Crossover! Players will once again be able to take on Thanos and also do it with the Avenger’s iconic weapons! We get to see Thor’s Stormbreaker, Hawkeye’s Bow, Ironman’s repulsor blasters as well as Captain America’s shield.

Madden 20 — Reveal Trailer: Face of the Franchise


EA was able to reveal Madden 20 which is set to launch in August! This year’s athlete is Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Kansas Chiefs. Mahomes had been the 2018 NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the Year. Madden 20 will have a new Career Mode which is called Face of the Franchise: QB1, and it is based on FIFA’s The Journey.

League of Legends — Yuumi The Magical Cat Champion Trailer

Yuumi is League of Legend’s latest champion. She is a spellbook riding cat that can summon powerful spells. Yuumi plays a support role and has the ability to attach herself to allies that make her unable to be targetted except by towers. She is still in the beta servers up until April 30th and will be part of the roster come May 14.

A Plague Tale Innocence — Uncut Gameplay Trailer

If you are curious about how A Plague Tale Innocence is played, then this 8-minute trailer from Focus Home Interactive will give you a very good idea on how the puzzles will work out in the game. A Plague Tale Innocence is about a story of estranged siblings running from the inquisition that is after them. It offers a gripping story that won’t allow you to put the game down easily.

That’s the week of trailers! If you enjoyed this, make sure to come back next week for more.


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