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Armed Emeth Xbox One Price Comparison

What Is the Armed Emeth Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download Armed Emeth directly to your Xbox One from the Xbox Live.

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Release date
August 6, 2021
Official website

About this game

Eons ago Dernier Empire held this continent together under a totalitarian regime it ruled its own citizens under an iron fist, using animated weapons called Golems powered by a substance known as Edea. Armed Emeth is a turn-based retro JRPG made by Japanese developers Hit-Point Co. originally a mobile title, it’s a loose sequel to Rusted Emeth, both are inspired by 90’s retro JRPG’s like Chrono Trigger, Suikoden, Final Fantasy, etc. Now only a scant few people know about Dernier Empire, after the massive rebellion the populace decided to go their own ways and live in loosely connected communes. Your name is Valles a boy living in one of these villages dreaming of one day exploring the world, you finally get a chance when you meet a seemingly sentient golem named lock, he should be useful for catching bounties.

  • Armed Emeth’s turn-based combat system doesn’t use rounds it features a simplified system similar to Final Fantasy X’s Condition Turn Based System, where characters aren’t always guaranteed to have equal amounts of turns and are dependent on the character’s stats, and the type of action being used.
  • The game has a somewhat loose story that is progressed through the game’s bounty system every town you visit has a bounty board that you can visit, to check out the current bounties, location, and rewards.
  • Armed Emeth’s a steampunk world doesn’t have generic fantasy magic or ability system, in place are the various vehicles or guns you can equip or the different types of ammo you can use, and other practical items.

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Armed Emeth Experience x3

Adds an option in the menu, to triple the amount of experience you get from encounters.

Armed Emeth No Encounters

Adds an option in the menu, the ability to turn off random encounters in the overworld.

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