Artifact Launches Today With A Digital Comic And New Trailer

November 29, 2018 at 1:43 AM in Gaming News with no comments


Artifact launches today on Steam, this is something that a lot are waiting for since this is another full game to come from Valve since DOTA 2 which has launched a while back. To celebrate the game’s launch, a new trailer, as well as a new digital comic, has been revealed with it.

The trailer features Axe, Crystal Maiden and Earthshaker jumping into flames to become cards. After that, we get to see some of the gameplay. If you had been following the game in the previous months you would know that there’s nothing new in the trailer. But if you haven’t seen it yet, get to watch the complete trailer below.


The digital comic, on the other hand, is called “Call to Arms”. This actually sets the stage for a string of events that could change the world. A card set of the same name is also available in the game. There will be 280 cards that will be centered around the four forces conflicting with each other in the world of DOTA. Earlier this week a new comic has been also released called “Prelude”. You should read this first before reading “Call to Arms”.

Read “Prelude” here.

Artifact is available now for PC via Steam. A mobile version will also be available by 2019 to iOS and Android devices.

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