Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris Launches On the 12th

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s latest expansion called The Siege of Paris is set to launch on the 12th of August! This will bring new content including new rewards and events.

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The Siege of Paris Expansion


The Siege of Paris is the second biggest DLC of the game and it brings players to Paris in Frankia.


Ubisoft wants the new expansion to be a surprise at launch which is why there is only very little that we know about it. What we know though is that it will have covert operations and assassinations.

Players will be placed behind enemy lines where they have to infiltrate Paris and the River Seine. You have to get enemy secrets as well as form alliances.

  what is AC valhalla?  

This new expansion brings new enemies, weapons and armor.

The expansion launches with the Sigrbot Season update.


Sigrbot Season Update and Festival


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Season 3 started July 29 and runs up until August 19 and this is the Sigrblot Festival.


This is a Norse holiday that is celebrated at the beginning of summer. There are three new quests with this season update and it brings new rewards.


The three quests are:

  • War Games – Go against Alwin and win a game of Orlog. It is best to learn how to play Orlog first with the game guide. Win against Alwin and you earn Festival Tokens.
  • Test Your Metal – Talk to Swinda and you will be given three opponents to beat. Choose your weapon (dual daggers, short swords, and dual shields). Defeating your opponents with your chosen weapon will give your mastery for it.
  • The War Effort – This has multiple parts which players are able to access via the four pillars of the festival grounds.
  • Pillar One:
    • Hunt for animal goods
    • Catch a fish
    • Loot Foreign Supplies via the River Raid
  • Pillar Two:
    • Buy something from Norvid
    • Defeat Alwin at Orlog
  • Pillar Three:
    • Humble Ake
    • Help Thyra with a sacrifice
    • Help Braun with pigs
  • Pillar Four:
    • Head to the Longhouse for a feast
    • Apply a tattoo
    • Look for three war letters in the festival area.

You can only access the festival when you complete any of the two-story arcs in England as well as reached level 2 on your Ravensthorpe settlement.


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