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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The Siege of Paris Ps4 Price Comparison

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Release date
August 12, 2021
Official website

About this game

Two mysterious visitors came to Ravensthorpe village looking for Eivor bearing Gifts, a feast for the village, and their true intentions a request. They came from mainland Europe in the lands of Francia (modern-day France) Viking colonists in the region are being threatened by a new king of the Carolingian dynasty, Charles the Fat’s ambition is to reunite Francia under Frankish rule and even invade England itself and stamp out the Viking threat. While Hesitant at first after hearing of the stakes and the loot, Eivor makes up his mind and sails to Francia. But shortly after arriving not everything is as it seems to be betrayals, hidden cults, and a plague that’s ravaging everyone, all building up to the Protracted siege of pairs.

  • The missed Infiltration missions of the old games in the franchise are back in ACV Siege of Paris make your way into the besieged castle and assassinate key figures in the Carolingian dynasty even the king himself? It’s up to you how you want to approach your targets (in multiple ways) and make the final choice whether you want to assassinate them or not, which will affect the ongoing narrative.
  • Meet three of the most notable Viking leaders in history Siegfried, Sinric, and Rollo as they join forces to bring down the Carolingian dynasty and loot Paris itself in the process, based on a real-life historical event that happened of (885–886).
  • Ride your horse and admire the beauty of the Frankish countryside, sail your boat on the river Seine.


Ultimately, I didn’t like Siege of Paris all that much… compared to the core game or its first expansion, anyhow. It feels, in many ways, like it was conceived and put into practice as a way to give Eivor something new to do, but it doesn’t really break any new ground compared to that. It’s like eating nothing but bread at dinner; it’ll fill you up, but it doesn’t exactly delight the senses in a new way. But it’s not all that novel. If you already don’t like the game, this isn’t going to improve your estimation of it much. And while it’s solid enough filler, it’s still just filler for the main game.


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