AWAY: The Survival Series Let’s You Play As A Sugar Glider

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AWAY: The Survival Series is an adventure, exploration game where you play as a sugar glider trying to save his family.

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AWAY: The Survival Series Plays Like A Nature Documentary


AWAY: The Survival Series from developer’s Breaking Walls lets players take the role of a cute little sugar glider trying to save his family. On his journey, there are different dangers to face one of which are predators.

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The game’s world is stunning with lots of life all around. Get to explore the nature around you by gliding.

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What’s unique about the game is that each move that you make is described by a narrator just like in nature documentaries.


AWAY: The Survival Series Side Quests


Aside from the main story, there are also side quests to do as you progress through the game. Players are also able to choose how they would want to play the game. You can either go for stealth or go charging head-on towards your enemies.

There are also times where you can get to play as different animals like lizards, beetles, crabs and more. You just have to discover all of them.

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AWAY: The Survival Series is now available for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game will also be available for the Xbox consoles at a later date.


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