Babylon’s Fall Beta: Phase 1 Revealed

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The schedule for Babylon’s Fall beta has been revealed by PlatinumGames and Square Enix. It will be limited to PC players.

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You would need a Square Enix account to join, and you can sign up for the Closed Beta HERE.

Get to be one of the first players to access the game in the Closed Beta, we have all the information that you need below:


When is Babylon’s Fall Beta?


The Babylon’s Fall beta launches at different times for each location. Japan will be the first to open on July 29, next is North America on August 5, then Europe on August 12.

The beta will only run for 4 hours. Here is the schedule for each schedule:

  • Japan: 2AM to 6AM PDT (July 29)
  • North America: 6PM to 10PM PDT (August 5)
  • Europe: 7PM to 11PM CEST (August 12)


Beta Platforms


Here are the platforms for each Phase:

  • Phase 1 – PC (Steam)
  • Phase 2 – PC (Steam) + Playstation 4
  • Phase 3 – PC (Steam) + Playstation 4 + Playstation 5


What Will The Beta Cover?


Phase 1 will focus on:

  • Download and install the Steam version client
  • Register and authenticate account on Steam version
  • Operational tests on the server and network

The developers wish the beta players to know that issues will happen when playing the game. “We hope you understand that this is a build that is currently under development and is meant to be used for testing purposes only, and we cannot guarantee a smooth gameplay experience yet. Please understand that your experience will strictly be a ‘test play’ experience,” said PlatinumGames.

Also, a special forum is available for those who joined the beta so that they can give their feedback and the developers encourage the participants to actively post.


Are Phase 2 and 3 Available For Those Who Participate in Phase 1?


Yes, those who joined Phase 1 of the beta can join the other 2 Phases. Participants will be informed via email.


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