Back 4 Blood Difficulty Excessive, Devs to Tone it Down | Content Roadmap Shared

November 19, 2021 at 8:28 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Turtle Rock Studios’ Back 4 Blood is experiencing some issues and is now being addressed. The game’s post-launch content has also been revealed.

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Have you played Back 4 Blood? Is it very difficult? Well, it is not just you as the game’s developers admit that they may have made the game a little too difficult. They are now fixing the issue.



Some of the problems mentioned are the high spawn rate of the Ridden Mutations, quick trauma damage, speedrunner teamups. The melee cards making abilities, weapon cards or combinations are also very OP.

Turtle Rock was able to acknowledge the Ridden Mutation spawn rate and trauma damage problems on Reddit and Twitter.

They were able to identify the bug that was causing the spawn cards to duplicate faster and are now working on a fix for it.

  back 4 blood specials spawn rate too high  

The issue for the trauma damage had also been addressed and a patch server-side had been launched to fix it.

  back 4 blood trauma damage

Back 4 Blood Content Roadmap


Future plans for Back 4 Blood have been shared by Turtle Rock. It comes with free updates and content that is available via the game’s Season Pass. These will be available in the coming months up until next year.

The free update comes with eh offline solo mode with campaign progression, new co-op mode, difficulty levels, new map types, new maps, seasonal events and many more.

  back 4 blood content roadmap  

A free update has been made available this November and it comes with some quality-of-life improvements as well as some bug fixes.

New features will be made available by December which are: New Card Types, All-New Cards, the Solo Offline Mode with Campaign Progression, Holiday Seasonal Event, Ridden Practice Area, and Supply Line.

  back 4 blood cd key compare prices  

Also, by 2022, the game will be getting some quality of life improvements, melee updates, new Co-op Mode, new Corruption Cards, new Player Cards, and a new Difficulty.

The game’s very first expansion will also be available which is the Tunnels of Terror and is a part of the Annual Pass. This will come with new Cleaners, weapons, exclusive skins, activity type and cards. We can also expect the second and third expansions in 2022.

The Annual Pass can be purchased separately. This is also available via the Deluxe or the Ultimate editions of the game.

Want to know what the editions of Back 4 Blood are? Check it out here!


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