Battleborn Receives Good Ratings From Reviewers

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Generally favorable reviews from gamers for Battleborn

Battleborn, one of the most awaited games of the year has recently been released. And we’ve compiled the reviews of the game. Some made by critics as well as gamers like you. Check out our quick summary below.

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Reviewer: Eric Van Allen Rating: 90/100
Battleborn merges cooperative and competitive, hero and shooter, loot and shoot into an excellent melting pot and symbol of the times. Charismatic characters, clever intricacies, and compelling gameplay make this one of the best multiplayer experiences of the generation yet.


  • Diverse and interesting roster of heroes.
  • Gorgeous opening credits for each episode in the Story Mode.
  • ”Melee feels good”
  • Engaging gameplay; Every Story Mode episode stands alone and provides at least 30-40 minutes of interesting gameplay.
  • Perfect multiplayer experience in all modes.
  • A lot of progression in the game.


  • Performance issues “PC version saw individual maps having massively varying frame rates for different rigs, and the console versions have limited options compared to their computer counterpart.”
  • Is prone to crashes having some “odd quirks”.
  • There is no option to select a specific story mission that the player can queue up publicly.


Reviewer: Nick_Tan Rating:4.5/5
Battleborn could have easily been a soulless copycat of Borderlands or just another MOBA, but this is one fusion game that has its own identity and lays the solid groundwork for much more to come.


  • Intriguing blend of FPS and MOBA
  • No microtransactions needed. This game is a complete package.
  • Diverse characters
  • Amazingly replayable single player missions.
  • The Helix System
  • Depth to the game was added with buildables.


  • ”Story could be fuller, have more framing content per episode”.
  • The number of PvP maps per mod is limited.


User: aimei66

Review posted on: Steam Rating: Recommended
Your screen will fill with so much colour that it might induce a state of fun and enjoyment.
  • An offline mode is not available.
  • The three multiplayer modes available has two maps each.
  • The nine story missions can be played with matchmaking.
  • Might not be liked by everybody as it focuses more on teamplay and objectives rather than “lone gun action”

User: SkittyIsKitty

Review posted on: Metacritic Rating: 10/10
Could be the GOTY for me. Has multiplayer, has single player, has co-op, has competitive play. This game is the full package, something other games should work on. Good bye life.

User: BallisticDrama

Review posted on: Steam Rating: Not Recommended
Despite how much I like the game between the beta and now, I’m just sending a warning to anyone with AMD GPUs that there are some SERIOUS framerate issues. Overall, loving the game, hating the technical issues.

An update for this post will be available once the major gaming websites post their reviews. But for now, get to enjoy this summary. Have you played the game yet? Tell us what you think about it.



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