Battlefield 1 Sinai Desert Map Additional Information

August 30, 2016 at 10:01 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Battlefield 1 Sinai Desert Map Cover


The official Battlefield page has recently posted a blog about one of its special maps. This specific map can be seen in the game as well as the beta – the diverse Sinai Desert Map.

The Sinai Map has been inspired by the multiple battles between the countries of World War I. “In the Middle East, allied forces battled the ottoman Empire in the Sinai Campaign for the Suez Canal…this served as the inspiration for the Sinai Desert.” DICE also added that the Sinai Map is one of the “biggest conquest levels in Battlefield 1”.

The new battlefield Sinai map offers a diverse gameplay experience. There will be narrow streets and alleys, rooftops and huge open windows of the desert cities. The unending desert with its cliffs and canyons and the huge blue sky for dogfights. Battle it out in this challenging map with horses, tanks, planes and all those glorious weaponry of World War I.

DICE sums up the Sinai Map experience with “It’s clash of eras and technologies all wrapped into one hectic conflict, mixed together with classic Battlefield gameplay.”

Another special feature of the map is its diverse weather system.There will be strong winds that could progress into sandstorms. You can use these to get the upper hand on your enemies. You would just have to figure it out.

Battlefield 1 Sinai Map

There will be a lot of desert vehicles available from the Armored Train Behemoth, Bomber planes, and anti-aircrafts. Great skills are needed to maneuver these vehicles, you can even capture the enemy’s flag by plane while flying into the capture zone.

Experience the Battlefield 1 Sinai Map in the game upon its official release on October 21st and on the Beta on August 31st.



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