Battlefield 2042 Gets Classic Maps and Battle Royale Mode

July 12, 2021 at 9:36 AM in Gaming News with no comments

During EA PLAY Live 2021 Spotlight, DICE shared that Battlefield 2042 which is set to launch this year will get classic maps and a game mode that is like battle royale.

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Return of Favorite Maps


EA DICE said that fan-favorite maps will be making a comeback in Battlefield 2042 but did not say which ones.

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However, Tom Henderson a known insider and trusted Battlefield leaker revealed the list of maps.

Here are the six maps listed:

  • Metro
  • Wake Island
  • Siege of Shanghai
  • Arica Harbor
  • Caspian Border
  • Locker
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This is not the official list though, we would need to wait for the official announcement from EA or DICE.


Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone


A battle royale mode had been requested by fans of the game and DICE promised to give a “high-risk squad-based” game mode.

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DICE’s Oskar Gabrielson said that the mode is “not your classic battle royale”. What’s similar with battle royale is that it will still come with high tension as well as high risk.

We can expect a mode reveal for Hazard Zone sometime this year before the game launches.


New Game Mode Teased


We do know that there are three game modes coming for Battlefield 2042. The two are All-Out Warfare and Hazard Zone. The third one remains unknown.

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Tom Henderson, shared leaked information about the third mode which he claims is the Battle Hub. This is where the classic maps can be played.

All your favorite maps from previous Battlefield games will be available in the Battle Hub and players can play it in Battlefield 2042.

EA did say something about the new game mode which is a “love letter” to fans of the Battlefield games and that it is a “new way to play Battlefield”.


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