Battlefield 2042 | What We Know Right Now!

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DICE has launched a new trailer for their new Battlefield game and it revealed the name of the game too which is Battlefield 2042. Here we will be sharing with you what we know about the game as well as what we can expect from it.

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The game is set during a war between US and Russia happening in the near future.

It will focus on just three multiplayer game modes and will not have a single-player experience, nor will it have a campaign and battle royale.

  Battlefield 2042 Jump  

From what we have gathered, this is what we know of the modes right now:

  • All-Out Warfare – Includes huge 128 player battles like Conquest and Breakthrough.
  • Hazard Zone – A high-stakes, squad-based game mode.
  • The third mode will be revealed on June 22 at the EA Play Live.



Only a few details were shared about the maps, and this is what we know so far:

  Battlefield 2042 location  

The maps are huge, perhaps the largest in the history of the franchise. Some of the battle locations include America, Singapore, Korea and Egypt.

The maps have living elements that change with the results of the battle.

Dynamic weather events had been added too! Did you see that tornado in the reveal trailer?

PS4 and Xbox One will have a limited player count of only 64. The PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S versions will have the 128 player support.




Classes has been changed into specialists. The game will have 10, each with customization options, abilities and weapons that are uniqe to them.

  Battlefield 2042 Air Battles  

Right now, only the first four specialists have been announced: Recon Assault, Engineer and Support.

We can expect more specialits to be available after the game launches.



  The game launches to three editions which are the Standard, Gold and Ultimate.
  • Standard Edition – Base game only.
  • Gold Edition – Base game plus the Year 1 Pass that includes four new specialists and four battle passes which will be released throughout the year.
    • This also comes with three epic skin bundles (each with a weapon, vehicle and skin): Blistered Earth, Tempest, and Cold Blood.
  • Ultimate Edition – Includes everything that is mentioned above plus the exclusive digital soundtrack and the game’s official digital artbook. Plus you also get the Shadow Stalker outfit, Obsidian weapon skin and the Onyx vehicle legendary skin.
  Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition  

Pre-ordering the game will give you the Baku ACB-90 melee takedown knife, the epic weapon charm – Mr. Chompy, player card background – Landfall and the Old Guard tag.




Battlefield 2042 is set to launch on October 22! Keep it with us so that you can get the best deals for the game. We also have amazing prices for gift cards, game codes and more.


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