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Buy Battlefield 4 PS4 Download Game Price Comparison

What Is the Battlefield 4 Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download Battlefield 4 directly to your PlayStation 3 from the PlayStation Network (PSN).

How Can I Find the Lowest Price for Battlefield 4 on PS3?

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Release date
November 1, 2013
Official website
EA Swiss Sarl

About this game

Call up your friends and lead your squad to victory in Battlefield 4 the 8th game of the Battlefield franchise developed by DICE, play in primarily two game modes single-player and multiplayer. In the single-player mode, you will be able to play a short campaign spanning 13 hours about a squad of American soldiers trapped in shanghai eager to get back home. In the Expansive Multiplayer Mode, you can choose from 7 game modes to play on ranging from small skirmishes to massive 64 player maps all powered by the Frostbite 3 engine.

  • Levolution: The primary feature of Battlefield 4 promises a dynamic and ever-changing environment created by the player’s actions, it can be small changes like activating doors to shut or open them, creating a cover, destroying cover using explosives, closing train doors, etc. Or major game-turning moments like destroying a dam to flood the streets or crashing a giant ship.
  • Drive a variety of vehicles on battlefield 4 specifically 50 different vehicles for land, sea, and air combat all fine-tuned and balanced around different experience levels for the best possible multiplayer experience.
  • Get immersed in the game Gripping single-player campaign that combines the best elements of multiplayer features and the storytelling of the single-player campaign.


Battlefield 4 sends off the current generation of shooters in prime form. There’s prowess across the board, from narrative to action, and technical hiccups can’t derail a game that is simply great on PS3.



The really unfortunate thing with this Premium nonsense is that the greater body of players are made to feel like they’re traveling in economy class so that the core fans can be milked. I’m not anti-DLC, but the way Battlefield Premium constantly thrusts at you just feels grubby.


Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition includes the base game in a physical disc some bonus physical accessories and some digital in-game items as well.

  • Battlefield 4 Base Game – in a physical disc
  • Battlefield 4 steel book packaging
  • 3x Gold Battlepacks
  • China Rising Expansion DLC

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There is 1 offer at $19.99.

PLAYSTATION CODE : This a Playstation Game Code to download Battlefield 4 PS3. Activate the code on the Playstation Network. Read carefully the store description about any language and region restrictions.
Standard Edition

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