Battlefield 5 Closed Alpha Concluded | Here’s What They Learned

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Battlefield 5

The Battlefield 5 Closed Alpha was recently finished. EA DICE took the time to share what they have learned during this testing phase. The Alpha only had selected players invited who are mostly Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 veterans. There were also a few players who were able to get an invite through the game’s social media channels for the event. Participants in the closed alpha were able to play in the early version of the multiplayer map called Arctic Fjord.


The alpha test mainly focused on testing the technical aspects of the game as well as testing the many back-end systems, player score rating, and other things. Players were also given a taste on how the new gameplay mechanics work as well as the first ever Fortification system for the series.

Here’s a quick list on what EA DICE was able to learn from the alpha:

  • There where a few hiccups with the matchmaking system, causing players to “get error messages or be placed in less suitable server locations with increased latency when trying to join.”
  • The team was able to hit their target for client and server stability.
  • There was a strange bug where a “picturesque Norwegian cabin” suddenly appeared around a downed player while being revived.
  • It sometimes took a while for a player to initiate a revive and the revive icon had a tendency to be delayed.
  • Players seemed to like the war of attrition and the fact that they were deployed with limited ammo. However, looting ammo from dead players seemed more beneficial to certain classes compared to others, so this will need to be balanced further.
  • Squad Reinforcements were fun, but will also need to be adjusted. Getting reinforced by a V-1 Rocket was way too easy in Conquest and must be toned down.
  • Time to Kill (TTK) garnered polarizing feedback where some were complaining that they were being killed too fast while others thought that it was just right.Feedback shows that alpha players enjoyed the gunplay but DICE will still be tweaking details such as the recoil for some weapons.

To check out the complete list, you can go to DICE’s blog post. With all the data and feedback that they were able to receive, DICE is already making steps for the adjustments needed.

DICE was also able to reveal that more tests will be available for the game soon. An announcement that a new build will be shared during Gamescom 2018 and that an open beta will be available in early September.

Battlefield 5 is scheduled to launch on October 19 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those who have EA Access, Origin and Origin Access Premier membership get to play starting on October 11 and those who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition can start on October 16.


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