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Want to earn more points? We’ve got something exclusively for Cheapdigitaldownload VIPs!

Apply as an Cheapdigitaldownload VIP today to get exclusive access to more points which you can get daily.



  • Have at the very least, 15 unique comments (no duplicate content from other sites/reviews), posted on the site you wish to join.
  • Your comments must be good written and with a decent length and related to the page/game you post about.
  • Write your comments on the site’s languages (English for Cheapdigitaldownload, French for Goclecd etc.)

HOW TO APPLY AS Cheapdigitaldownload VIP:


1: Go to the CITATION TOOL PAGE (Currently in CLOSED BETA. Only selected users will be able to access the page.)

2: On the (VIP) TALKATIVE banner, click VIP


3: Wait for the Rewards Team to review your application

*The Rewards Team reviews applications on a daily basis. As this is an exclusive program for VIPs, screening will be done thoroughly to ensure only those eligible to become VIPs will be able to pass the application. Please bear with us as it may take some time before your application is approved. We thank you for your understanding.

WHAT DO I GET AS AN Cheapdigitaldownload VIP?


As a VIP, you’ll get exclusive access to our Citation Tool, which will give you thousands of points daily!



There are two ways to use the Citation Tool:

1: Use the Steam Marker on your Steam ID


On Steam, go to Settings > Friends

Find your Profile Name, then add right beside your Profile Name

Click OK once you’re done to save the changes to your Profile Name


Get your Steam64 ID. You will need a third-party website like to get your Steam64 ID. 

Go to, then click on the lookup tab. On the field provided, paste your Steam Profile URL, or simply your Steam Custom URL.


Now go to the Citation Tool page on Cheapdigitaldownload

Under STEAM CITATIONS, paste your Steam64 ID in the box provided, then click Submit your Steam64 ID


Wait for the Rewards Team to review your submission


Once validated and approved, you will receive the corresponding amount of points to your Cheapdigitaldownload account. You will continue to earn the said amount of points DAILY. The good news is that you will be able to earn the daily points FOREVER! Yes, it doesn’t have an expiration date!

2: Use Web Markers on other websites

You can also use Web Markers to earn more points. There are several steps you need to follow in order to successfully submit a citation and be rewarded with more points.

Check the Citation Tool page and take note of the Web Markers you need to include in your citation. You need to use all Web Markers in order for your citation to be valid.


Also take note of the game you need to make a citation of. In the image above, the game is Sea of Thieves.

To make a citation, you’ll need to post a comment in an article or forum post related to Sea of Thieves. (Samples in the images below)


You can then post your comment. Make sure to use all the required Web Markers so your citation will be valid. In this case, the required Web Markers are: Sea of Thieves,, and compare prices.

Here’s a sample comment. Notice that all required Web Markers were used. This makes it a valid citation.


To submit your citation, simply copy the URL of the post where you commented, and paste it on the field found in the Citation Tool page:


The Rewards Team will review your submission and check if you’re eligible to receive points.

The amount of points you will receive will depend on the Alexa ranking of the website where you posted the Web Citation. You will receive the points DAILY for a period of 7 days. 

*In the event that your citation/comment is deleted by the website owner or moderator, you will no longer receive the points. Also, only 1 user will be rewarded for a citation for a particular website for 7 days. If the website you wanted to post a citation for is already taken, you will need to wait until the user who posted a citation before you maxes out the 7-day lockdown period.

Below is the corresponding amount of points you may receive:

1-100 125,000
101-200 100,000
201-300 75,000
301-400 50,000
401-500 37,500
501-1,000 25,000
1,001-5,000 17,500
5,001-10,000 12,500
10,001-50,000 10,000
50,001-100,000 7,500
100,001-150,000 5,000
150,001-200,000 2,500
200,001-500,000 1,500
500,001-up 500

*IMPORTANT! Social media posts are not accepted as web citations. You need to do the citation by posting a comment on a forum post, or an article that is related to the game you’re doing a citation for. You may only do the citation in the article/post once – you will not be awarded for a citation the second time. The citations are not done for backlinks. 


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