Be Like A Movie Director With Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode

October 8, 2016 at 9:26 PM in Gaming News with no comments
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The Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode is something to look forward to after the game’s launch. Your creativity will be overflowing with this amazing mode. The new Spectator Mode will actually let you capture screenshots and videos that use the in-game capturing tools.

EA DICE has reached out artists for help with their Spectator Mode sought Berduu, a well-known screenshot artist to try out the Mode and give them tips on how to improve it by getting stunning cinematic videos and screenshots. Doing this is actually easy, you can start the Spectator Mode just by joining a match as a spectator.

There will be different types of tools available to make amazing captures of videos and images. One example is the Director Camera, this will allow you to follow individual soldiers as well as vehicles by locking it onto the player’s movement. And what’s amazing is that you can choose where the camera is positioned at great angles.

Another great suggestion by Berduu is the use of Free Cameras. This will allow you to step up multiple cameras across the map and will allow you to switch from one camera to another. Each one has camera adjustments that can be set accordingly.

There are a variety of settings available. You can adjust the Depth of Field (DOF) and Field Of View (FOV) options for a better-looking camera angle. Filters are also available to choose from.

“When you’re good to go, hide the HUD and film away!” said Berduu.

Get to know more about the Spectator Mode in the videos below:

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