Best CD Key Store Discounts for Today (August 6 2020)

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We have for you the best discounts for games are available today! Find out what they are, and get to save up on a few dollars on your purchase!

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Best Discounts (August 6 2020)

Dead Cells

Dead Cells Best Deal

Dead Cells offers a RogueVania, a combination of rogue-lite and Metroidvania. Players get to explore a castle that is continuously changing as well as fight all the enemies that are after you.

There are no checkpoints. You will fight, battle, die, learn from your mistakes, then go at it again!

Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat Best Deal

Human: Fall Flat is a cheery platformer that will have players navigating through different environments like mansions, castles, snowy mountains and so much more. Solve the puzzles that hinder your way with the use of different items. Play the game with up to 8 players that will make the game all the more fun and hilarious.

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Best Deal

Get to create the best hospital in the whole Two Point County. Design and build it from the ground up. Make sure that you optimise the design of your hospital so that you can maximize patient flow along with it comes the flow of money to your facility.

Improve your facility and your staff to be more efficient. Research cures and create them, to make your health care facility the best in the county.


Observer Best Deal

Play as a neural detective named Dan Lazarski. You are known as Observers and you hack into the unstable minds of the criminals. It is 2084 and the world has plunged into war, plagues, and decay.

Use the thoughts that you gather up in the court of law against the criminals. The minds that you will hack into are not the most balanced, do not lose yourself in them.