Best CD Key Store Discounts for Today (July 25 2020)

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We have for you the best discounts for games are available today! Find out what they are, and get to save up on a few dollars on your purchase!

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Best Discounts for Today (July 25 2020)

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium Best Deal

Disco Elysium is an open-world RPG where you get to play as a washed-up detective who has amnesia because of drugs and alcohol. You have to solve a murder. There is no combat and you can only solve the cases through skill checks as well as dialogue.

Explore the city, discover past memories, and interrogate characters. Side cases are also available if you would want to take a break from the main mission.

  Green Hell Green Hell Best Deal

Ever wonder if you can survive the Amazon rainforest? In Green Hell, you find yourself in the dense forest without anything, just your will to survive.

You have to look for materials and craft things that you would need. Hunt for food, fight wild animals and be conscious about your mental illness. The game is unique in a way that players would need to treat their injuries, wounds and illnesses as part of survival.


The city of Vein has risen with The Great Collapse, along with it came the Lost which are monsters out to get rid of humanity. As a defense, the humans created the Revenants which are corpses brought back to life with the use of a parasitic heart implement.

Look for others who could join your cause. Level up and search for new gear and win against the Lost.

  Blasphemous Blasphemous Best Deal

You have survived the Silent Sorrow massacre, you are called The Pertinent One. You have been imprisoned in a cycle of death and rebirth that never ends. Use your Mea Culpa, and kill every enemy in sight, it is gonna be brutal and bloody!