Best Game Releases Today and for the Week (August 10 2020)

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New games for you to play! Looking for something new to play? Check out the games that are arriving in the following weeks!

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Risk of Rain 2

Release Date: August 11 2020

Risk of Rain 2 will have you and your buddies escaping a planet by killing off hordes of enemies.

You can play the game by yourself or with up to four of your friends in co-op. The Prismatic Trials will also have you challenging friends to rank first in the global leaderboard.

Stages, enemies and items are random to make sure that no two runs will be the same.

As you explore the planet, you will also get to know more about it with the game’s log.

Dying Light Hellraid

Release Date: August 13 2020

Dying Light Hell raid is a downloadable content for the base game Dying Light it opens up a new world portal through a strange arcade machine.

Includes new demonic enemies to slay and bounties to earn. Increase your hellraid rank to have access to new weapons.

Play alone or party up with three additional people in co-op.

Kill It With Fire

Release Date: August 14 2020

Hunt spiders and do a lot of collateral damage possible. To kill them you must use fire, bullets or even explosives although you may have the firepower to do it. It still won’t be easy.

To make sure that you’ve rid the place with those creepy crawlies, use your state-of-the-art arachnid tracking device.

There are a lot of weapons to use, satisfying destruction and you will also know the truth about spiders.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Release Date: August 18 2020

Get to pilot light planes to wide-body jets in the most detailed flying simulation there is. Experience the challenges of night flying with real-time atmospheric simulation in a dynamic world with live weather.

Includes 20 detailed planes with 30 hand-crafted airports and so much more.