Best Game Releases Today and for the Week (July 22 2020)

July 22, 2020 at 4:52 AM in Deal of the Day with no comments

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Here are the best games that recently released! We also have in our list the soon-to-be released games so come and check them out here!


Rock of Ages 3 Make and Break

Release Date: July 21 2020

Enjoy a mix of competitive tower defense and arcade action in Rock of Ages 3 Make and Break.

Create your own stages in the game’s easy to use editor and share it with others online. Play in the competitive tower defense up to 4-players online multiplayer where you build defenses and destroy your opponets’. You can also play locally in 2-players split screen.

Choose from the 20 crazy looking boulders available and go on a wacky adventure on the game’s campaign mode featuring real characters from history.


Beyond a Steel Sky

Release Date: July 17 2020

Welcome back to Union City after 26 years with the long-awaited sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky called Beyond a Steel Sky.

Play as Robert Foster who is out to save an abducted child. Your investigation brings you to Union City, a utopia controlled by an altruistic AI.

Offering a cyberpunk thriller that includes engaging puzzles as well as a fast-paced narrative that responds to the actions that the player makes in the game.



Release Date: July 23 2020


Destroy All Humans

Release Date: July 28 2020



Release Date: July 28 2020