Best Video Games this Christmas 2022

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We have for you the best video games this Christmas 2022.

Based on our top games this Christmas season, you will be able to have gift ideas on what you can give your gamer friends for the holiday.

Our list comes with a variety of games from single-player to multiplayer. We also have some exclusive promo codes that you can use to purchase that perfect game gift for your family or friends.

We are able to compare the prices of the best-selling video games online so that you are able to get the best deal available.


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  top 10 popular video games 2022  

  Most popular video games for Christmas 2022


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  • Elden Ring tops the list which is perfect since it won The Game of the Year during The Game Awards 2022. The game also won three other awards including Best RPG, Best Art Direction and Best Direction.
    • The game is on sale up until January 5th. Check it out here.
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare is now in second place and is still without any promotions from either Steam or
    • To save a few bucks when buying the game, we suggest you buy 2 Steam Cards for 50 USD.
    • Get to know more about this in this article.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is of course one of the best open-world games out there. It is available for less than $13 with our promo code.
    • Last month, during the Steam Winter Sale, the game broke its record of concurrent players having more than 66,000.
    • Because of the game’s success, rumors of a Red Dead Redemption 3 had been spreading.
  • FIFA 23 is in 4th place. The game let go of two historical FIFA World Cup players in Football Ultimate Team before January 3.
    • The game is 70% cheaper right now with our promo code on Epic Games.
    • The code is only available until January 5 and is valid once.
  • In 5th place is NFS Unbound. The game is less than 30 USD which is amazing for a game that has launched in less than a month.
  • God of War is in 6th place and is 40% off on Steam. Soon you will find the game on Amazon Prime as Amazon announced that an adaptation for it will be available.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 for PC is another game that comes with a great discount until January 5. It is 62% cheaper with the promo code.
    • The number of players for Cyberpunk 2077 has grown a lot thanks to the Netflix show Edgerunners. Also, new mods had been added to the game.
  • High on Life which is one crazy game is loved by its players and honestly has not got the acclaim that it deserves from critics.
    • Using an Epic promo code, get to save 25% by making the game just $14.99.
  • It’s the best time to fill your cart with games as there are a lot of price reductions available.
  • Buying High on Life, FIFA 23 PC, Cyberpunk 2077 and The Callisto Protocol is just $123.47 instead of $237.96 thanks to the Epic Games coupon along with the current sale.
  • The prices of games on CDKeys are cheaper compared to that on Steam.
  • Do note that buying two 50 USD Steam Cards is cheaper instead of a 100 USD Steam Card.



      • Call of Duty: MW2 is still at the top spot and this time it has a 15% discount on Steam and
        • Since the game is now available at a discount this is a perfect time to purchase it with a 50 USD Steam prepaid card loaded to your Steam Wallet.
      • FIFA 23 is also on sale on Steam and Epic Games which is 60% off.
        • You can also use a 50 USD Steam Card that you’ve purchased at a discount to lower the price of the game a bit.
      • High on Life is at 6% off. The game was able to get one of the best day-one launches on the Xbox Game Pass PC/ Console. What’s strange is that the game is actually cheaper on Epic Games as compared to Steam or Microsoft.
        • The game is not critically acclaimed however because of players who love the game, it has gone viral and reached 4th place.
      • Still, a part of the top 10 is Red Dead Redemption 2. It has been a part of the top 10 games on and off for the last three years. Right now it is less than $15.
      • The Witcher 3 has made a comeback and landed in 9th place. Although the Netflix series of the game didn’t do quite as well as Cyberpunk 2077 with Edgerunner, the game is still one of the best RPGs in the last 10 years.
        • Right now the standard version of the game is at 80% off. The Game of the Year version is at $10.
      • With the World Cup over, Football Manager 2023 is now available at a discount where you can save about $15.
      • Still, thinking of something to gift the special gamer in your life? We could suggest that you gift them with Roblox cards, PSN cards, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions which we have at great deals.


The Callisto Protocol, World of Warcraft Dragonflight



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      • Modern Warfare 2 PC has taken the top spot once again. Sadly, the game still doesn’t have any price drops so your best bet is to use a Steam Gift card.
        • Steam Wallet gift cards are now available for less than $48. You can purchase 2 50 USD Steam Cards for just $95 instead of $100. Have it credited to your wallet, then make your purchase of the game.
        • Do note though that prices change quickly and some also come with promo codes that have a time-limited activation period.
      • Need For Speed Unbound drops to third place and is still available for 40% off than the original PC price. Elden Ring which is one of the best games of 2022 is in 4th place possibly because of the launch of their new DLC called “Colosseum”.
        • The Colosseum update comes with new PvP, Duel, Squad and Orderly modes.
      • Cyberpunk 2077 has once again entered the top 10 because of the announcement of the upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion. Also, it has been announced that actor Idris Elba will be playing as Solomon Reed. The Cyberpunk 2077 CD key for PC is still 55% cheaper as compared to other stores.
      • High on Life is a new entry this week and it sits in the 8th spot. This is one crazy-funny game where aliens are trying to invade earth so that they can make drugs using humans.
        • The game is funny because of the taking weapons that taunt the invaders and players. The game is rated 18+.
      • Red Dead Redemption 2 (5th) and God of War (10th) are discounted on both Steam and Epic Games but rest assured to get the best deal for these games here on
      • WoW: Dragonflight doesn’t have any notable promos at the moment.
        • The best thing to do about this is to purchase a 50 USD Blizzard Gift Card that is discounted on our site. You can use this to buy the standard version of the expansion. If you would want either the Heroic or the Epic versions you have to purchase multiple Blizzard Gift cards.
        • Dragonflight is free up until January 2, 2023, for those who are World of Warcraft players who would want to try it out.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Warhammer 40k Darktide


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TOP 10 PC Games week 2:  
      • Need for Speed Unbound has taken the top spot from Call of Duty.
        • It is the latest NFS game to launch for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The game launched last December 2nd.
        • We offer a promo code that will slash almost 40% off the original price of Need for Speed Unbound.
      • The Callisto Protocol has risen to the third spot. It is a newly released survival horror game so no promotions are available for it as of yet.
        • To get the game cheaper, we suggest that you purchase a Steam prepaid card with us and add the funds to your Steam wallet then purchase the game.
      • FIFA 23 has dropped to 4th place and is now available for less than $40 just in time for the Qatar World Cup knockout matches.
        • Buy players using FIFA COINS before they become expensive.
      • Marvel’s Midnight Suns is in sixth place. It is a third-person tactical RPG where players are able to customize their Super Heroes.
        • Create your team of Super Heroes and fight evil.
        • Do note that a DLC will be available for the game, it would be better if you purchase the game’s Legendary Edition since it would already come with the Season Pass.
      • World of Warcraft Dragonflight at the moment doesn’t have any notable discounts, purchasing the prepaid card would be the way to go.
      • The same for Warhammer 40k: Darktide, it currently has the best price on Microsoft.
        • We suggest that you purchase the $50 Microsoft card since it is available for less than 10% of its original price. This doesn’t expire, so if you don’t happen to use it, you can still keep it in your Microsoft account.
      • As the holidays approach, we get to see a price drop with Elden Ring. You get to save about $20 with our promo code. Also, God of War is now available for half the original price.


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TOP 10 PC Games week 1:
      • The first week of December still has the top 3 games of the last week of November: Call of Duty: MW2, FIFA 23, and Red Dead Redemption 2.
        • As of the moment, Red Dead Redemption 2 is 80% off ad compared to its official price and FIFA 23 has an exclusive promo code that lets you save about $30.
        • For Modern Warfare 2, still the same thing, it would be best if you purchase a Steam Gift Card or a Blizzard card and apply it towards your purchase of Modern Warfare 2 in order to save a couple of bucks.
      • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight which launched just a few days ago is still available at the full price without any reductions as of yet.
        • Same with Modern Warfare 2, it would be best to use gift cards to make the purchase a little bit cheaper. Make sure to compare the difference between the $50 and the $100 gift cards to know which one offers the best deal.
      • In fifth place is God of War which is selling for half its original price. Football Manager 2023 is also available for half price and sits at the last place on the list.
      • In 6th place is Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red gave a great financial quarter all thanks to Cyberpunk: Edgerunners which is an animated series that is on Netflix’s top 10.
      • A newcomer to the list is The Callisto Protocol which is a sci-fi survival horror that brings players to one of Jupiter’s dead moon’s maximum security prison. The prison is being plagued by a mysterious virus that turned most of those who are there into terrifying creatures.
        • Hand-to-hand combat is the best way to deal with the mutants as you discover what is causing the strange happenings in the prison.
      • Three years after the launch of Need For Speed Heat, Electronic Arts gives us Need For Speed Unbound which is a really colorful game.
        • NFS Unbound offers a lot of dream cars with new “street art” designs. It also comes with an all-new Boost Nitro acceleration mode.


Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, Warhammer 40k Darktide, Evil West