Big Ambitions the Revolutionary Business RPG Sim Launches This Week

March 7, 2023 at 1:49 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Big Ambitions by Hovgaard Games is an RPG business sim that is set to launch this week.

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Big Ambitions: The RPG Simulator Releasing This Week  

Key Facts

  • Big Ambitions is Hovgaard Games’ self-described revolutionary RPG simulator.
  • Start out with a small business and grow it into an empire across New York City.
  • Big Ambitions is set to launch this week on Steam Early Access.



Big Ambitions is Hovgaard Games’ upcoming RPG business sim which is set to launch on Steam Early Access later this week.

  Big Ambitions Release Date  

Players will be taking the role of an entrepreneur who starts out with a small business and attempts to build it up into a business empire in New York City.

The game is being called a revolutionary by developer Hovgaard Games because it mixes RPG elements with simulator elements.

Building your business from nothing will have you managing your work life as well as your home life. While arranging the truck deliveries to your store, you have to shop for food that you need at home.

You would also need sleep as you have to be rested for the long day in front of you. Your character will also grow old, and you would have to think of retirement.


Big Ambitions Key Features:

  • Offers a large business sandbox where you start with just a small business and build it up into an empire however way you would like.
  • Choose the business that you would want to start like supermarkets, flower shops, clothing stores, law firms, coffee shops, gift shops and more.
  • Giving you an in-depth simulator where you have to take out loans, design the logo of your company, hire staff, manage stock, and in general expand your empire.
  • When the cash comes in you can buy whatever you want like apartments, luxury homes, sports cars, food and even home decorations.
  • Make plans for your retirement, or spend everything – it is all up to you.

Big Ambitions is set to launch on March 10 on Steam Early Access.




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