Biomutant Character Creator Breakdown Video Launched in 4K

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THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 shared a character creator breakdown video that shares the customization options available in the upcoming Biomutant game.

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Watching the video gives us an idea of how extensive the game’s character creation really is.

First, the player must choose what the character’s breed is. There are six breeds to choose from all with their stat advantages and unique appearances.

The next thing to customize for your character is the mutation. This includes Vitality, Intellect, Strength, Charisma, Luck, and Agility. It follows a more traditional RPG format.

Biomutant Character

Image: Screen Rant

After mutation is resistance, you can customize your character to be resistant to Heat, Cold, Radioactivity, and Biohazard.

Fur customization is also available where you can choose the fur pattern as well as its primary and secondary colors.

After finalizing how your character looks, choose which class you are a part of Sentinel, Saboteur, Psi-Freak, commando or Dead-Eye.

Biomutant Character

Image: Game Rant

The character creation is quite extensive to make sure that there are no two players that will look the same.





A gameplay trailer has also been shared by Game Informer as you can see right above.

We get to see a remarkable open world with a highlight of the game’s features.

Biomutant Character

Image: GamingBolt

We get to see different mounts for specific areas, vehicles, combat, puzzles, and exploration.




Biomutant is an open-world, post-apocalyptic RPG played in a third-person perspective.

Biomutant enemy

Image: Origin

The game comes with a whole lot of customization which can be seen in creating your character, exploration in the game as well as crafting.

Players get to meet new characters, craft new items and get trained in new techniques throughout the game’s adventure.

The game’s story is about the Tree-of-Life and how it is spreading death through a plague. The divided tribes must join forces in order to survive.

Every step of the game will have a Storyteller narrating it. You are accompanied throughout the whole journey.




Biomutant is set to release on May 25, 2021!

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