Biotechnology Is The Main Theme Of Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions

February 17, 2017 at 4:40 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Watch Dogs 2


The Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC is announced by Ubisoft. And it offers more than five hours of gameplay. The expansion has three DedSec-related operations, new missions, and new locations. All of which are played in single player.

The DLC’s short video features two of the expansion’s operations. These are scenes from Automata and Bad Medicine. Both are story missions that focus on biotechnology involving DedSec.

In the Automata expansion, Marcus is going to take on Nudle (kind of like Watch Dogs 2 version of Google). This company has a self-drinking car that is complete with all sorts of biometric security systems. An interesting thing about the Nudle car is that it can use the passenger’s biometric data to check the person’s “Life Score”. The car can make its own decisions on whose life can also know the person’s identity based on the biometric data.

The second operation, Bad Medicine, Marcus is teaming up with an unlikely person. He is feeling up with a Hitman and take on the Russian mobsters who used a ransomware to hack into the city’s hospitals.

The DLC offers a lot more like a new elite co-op mission, a layer mission area, how enemy types called “Jammers”, and a whole lot more. Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC will be released on February 21 for PlayStation 4 and March 23 on PC and Xbox One.


A Sequel Is A Possibility With The Watch Dogs 2 Patch Notes Watch Dogs 2 Patch Notes for the new Update 1.1 is huge. Its size is said to “prepare the San Francisco Bay Area for the arrival of the Human Conditions DLC.”