Black Friday: Money-Saving Tips on Your Games

November 24, 2021 at 1:06 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Black Friday is fast approaching and we know that there would be amazing deals out there for anything and everything. We have for you some useful tips when it comes to getting the best deals for your gaming needs.

By    Daniel  |  Veena

How to Look For the Best Black Friday Deals


Black Friday is known all over the world as the day of discounts! With every store having their own deals, it can be quite overwhelming at times to look for deals.

We have some tips to make it a easier for you to make your video game purchases.



Black Friday does last a week or sometimes longer which means that you have some time to make a list of what you want to buy.

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Planning ahead of time is key! You have to know the dates and times of sales and if they offer big discounts.

Here at Cheapdigitaldownload, we have a wishlist feature that would allow you to prioritize the games that you plan on purchasing.

Check out this link for more about the wishlist.

When you add your planned purchases to the Wish List, it would mean that you won’t miss out on any deals and you will also be notified if there are any rewards available.



If you think about it, subscribing to newsletters may not seem much but it is actually really helpful.

Subscribing to newsletters is free and you also have the option to opt-out if you want.

Newsletters sometimes come with advanced notice of sales, exclusive discounts, free shipping and the like.

Subscribing to a newsletter would mean that you won’t miss out on sales, deals and the latest news.



Of course, comparing prices would be the best option to know what the best price is for a game. But it is hard to check every website to compare all the prices.

We here at Cheapdigitaldownload is a comparison site where you get to compare the prices of games from hundreds of sites and platforms in just one convenient location.

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We also offer a browser extension that will automatically add the price comparison when in other sites like Humblebundle, GoG, Epic Games, Uplay, Origin, Steam and Amazon. Our browser extension has been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

Here’s the link to our browser extension.



In making our purchases online, we don’t want to be scammed. So we would want to make purchases from trusted stores.

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We here at Cheapdigitaldownload don’t just add stores to our price comparison service without scrutinizing them. We would want to make sure that every seller on our list is verified and offer 100% legit keys.

We also have an option for our buyers to rate the stores according to their experience, customer service, and speed in sending out the orders.

It is also nice to do your own research when purchasing from a specific store. You can use google for this as well as specific websites that review sites.



Some stores offer discount codes on top of the Black Friday discount, so you have to keep an eye on that.

It usually is just a small percentage, but every little bit of savings will be helpful.


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