Blizzard Announces StarCraft Remastered Releasing This Summer

By Veena on March 27, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments


Great news for all the StarCraft fans out there. A StarCraft Remastered will be coming out by Summer of this year as announced by Blizzard.

During a press release, was the announcement of the game’s makeover. Blizzard announced that StarCraft Remastered will have 4K Ultra HD graphics with widescreen support as well as an overhaul in its audio.

“Other updates will include new illustrations to enhance storytelling in the StarCraft and StarCraft Brood War campaign missions; advanced match making; full connectivity to Blizzard’s gaming network for social features and updates; cloud saving for campaign progress, customer maps, replays, and keybinds; support for eight new languages in additional to the original five; and more. While these improvements will bring StarCraft to the modern era, gameplay and balance have been precisely preserved, for an experience that will feel identical to veteran players.” as said by Blizzard.

A StarCraft Brood War update will soon be available in order to prepare for the StarCraft Remastered.

“The update will include bug fixes and improvements, including the ability to rebind keys, observer mode, modern anti-cheat measures; compatibility improvements for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 more,’ added Blizzard.

Also, StarCraft Anthology is free to play when the updated goes live. This includes the original StarCraft and the Brood War campaign.