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The highly-anticipated BlizzCon 2021 has been confirmed by Blizzard and it will be an all-digital event coming this February 19th.

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Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, BlizzCon 2021 will be completely online! Fans are more than welcome to watch and a schedule with all the details has been revealed.

Blizzcon 2021


BlizzCon Online will be three days starting on February 19 at 17:00 ET or 22:00 GMT up until February 21.

Although the event has been moved online, it is still packed with each game having its own channels. This means if you just want to watch a specific game you can do so with their respective channels.


BlizzCon Online: February 19/20

06:00 PST

All Channels

  • Opening Ceremony – All channels will be introduced in the opening ceremony. Some trailers, upcoming games and announcments will be shared too!

07:10 PST

Blizzard Channel

  • World of Warcraft: What’s Next – Developers will give information about what is next for Azeroth.

Hearthstone Channel

  • Hearthstone Deep Dive – Brian Kibler will be talking about Hearthstone in 2021.

07:40 PST

Blizzard Channel

  • Diablo: What’s Next – Information about what to expect about Sanctuary.

Diablo Channel

  • Diablo Developer Roundtable – Diablo developers will be talking about what they were able to learn.

08:20 PST

Blizzard Channel

  • Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2 – Developers of the game will share their process and some work-in-progress stuff about the game.

08:40 PST

Diablo Channel

  • Diablo: The Gothic World of Brom – Brom, the artist will talk about his inspirations over the years.

09:00 PST

Blizzard Channel

  • Diablo Deep Dive – The dev team will be talking about Diablo.

09:20 PST

Starcraft Channel

  • Where It all Began – Find out where it all started as well as the beginning of Blizzard Entertainment.

09:40 PST

All Channels

  • BlizzConline Day 1 Highlights and End Show



BlizzCon Online: February 20/21

04:00 PST

Blizzard Channel

  • World of Warcraft Q&A – Developers will be answering questions.

Overwatch Channel

  • Overwatch League Shock vs. The World – Shock who is a two-time world champion will be battling against a dream team of players that includes pros and streamers.

05:05 PST

All Channels

  • Community Showcase  – A showcase of the community from across the globe like art, cosplay and music.

06:05 PST

Blizzard Channel

  • BlizzConline Presents: A Critical Role Diablo Campaign  – Diablo-themed D&D adventure.

06:10 PST

Hearthstone Channel

  • Hearthstone: Streamer Showdown  – A head-to-head challenge by some of the biggest names in the Hearthstone streaming community.

08:25 PST

All Channels

  • Show Close  – Highlights of the weekend will be revealed.


Where to Watch Blizzcon Online Live in 2021?



Blizzcon 2021



There are sure to be amazing announcements so don’t miss a minute of it!

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