Boundary Tactical Space-Based Shooter Features Gameplayer Trailer

October 2, 2021 at 3:20 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Studio Surgical Scalpels and Skystone Games Inc.’s newest tactical space-based shooter called Boundary will be launching later in the year, but before that, the developers shared a gameplay trailer.

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We get a glimpse of the game’s environment as well as the many space suits and weapons available to choose from. The game as mentioned is space-based which means it is set in the expansive outer space. We also get to see locations like inside the space station floating in zero gravity.

A release date was not given, but from what we have gathered, the game will be launching sometime this year for PC and consoles.

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What is Boundary all about?


Boundary lets players enjoy zero gravity battles in outer space.

The weapons are upgradable with different scopes, grips, barrels, ammo, stocks and more. The EMU spacesuit allows you to traverse space. You also get a grappling hook that you can use to help out your teammates.

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The game also comes with different multiplayer maps based on true-to-life space exploration and technology.

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Choose from the different combat classes available like medics, support and snipers.


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