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Buy Legends of Pegasus CD Key compare price best deal

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Legends of Pegasus story:

In 2231, Mankind discovered a new engine which opened the way to the stars. Humanity built huge spaceships, colonized faraway worlds and started terraforming others in order to create inhabitable planets. This was a time of bliss: while exploring deep space, Humanity was united for the first time in its history. It didn’t matter what was the color of your skin, the place of your birth or the god you believed in. But soon enough, Man’s warlike nature got the upper hand, again. The wind of independence led the colonies to rebel against the almighty government ruling from faraway Earth. Humanity was on the brink of utter chaos. As the situation was seemingly hopeless, an unknown race appeared. The aliens shared their technological knowledge with us and brought the civil war to an end. Doubtful at first, Mankind finally accepted this alliance without questioning these news allies, and allowed them to freely roam the Human space. They seemed to be looking for something. All of a sudden, our strange new allies stopped sharing their knowledge and started regrouping their spaceships. When the first planets were attacked by our former friends, we were taken by surprise. All our spaceships were called back to Earth, to try reforming a strong fleet, defend our homeworld and put an end to the attack, but the enemy was too strong. In the midst of this hopeless fight, a worm hole suddenly opened and swallowed a few Human warships, which ended up stranded in an unknown and unexplored galaxy. Legends of Pegasus tells the story of this little fleet… [divider /]

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says on February 07, 2018, 0:35

Challanging game for us to play. Interesting take. I`m buying it.


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