Buy Xbox Series X|S for the best deal with Gift Cards

December 19, 2022 at 6:59 AM in Gaming News with no comments

If you are able to go to Europe, then you would be able to get Xbox Series S for just €202.25 which is (30% off) from its original price of €299 directly from Microsoft in almost anywhere in Europe using Xbox Gift Card.

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How to Purchase Xbox Series X|S Cheaper With Gift Cards

To buy your discounted Xbox Series X|S, you can use the gift cards that we offer here in Allkeyshop available for the best deal.

  How to Buy Xbox Series X|S Cheap?    

Xbox Gift Card France


Gift Cards are actually the same price anywhere in Europe.


Step 1 – Buy one Xbox Gift Card €50 from Gamivo for about €43.18.

  • Remove Customer Protection
  • Remove Smart subscription
  • Use Coupon: ALLKEYSHOP8%
  Purchase Xbox Series X S Cheap  

Step 2 – Purchase three €50 Xbox Gift Cards from Eneba for about €131.06


When on the Enba page, make sure that you scroll down to the cheapest price of the gift card. If three of the €50 is not available, take the next lowest rate available.

  • Use Coupon: AKS8
  Buy Xbox Series X S Cheap Online   Where to Buy Xbox Series X S Cheaper Online?  

Step 3 – Purchase two €15 Xbox Gift Cards from Kinguin for about €28.01.

  • Use Coupon: AKS12
  Where Can I Buy Xbox Series X|S?  

Step 4 – If you completed the previous steps, redeem your gift card at

Step 5 – Purchase your Microsoft Xbox Series X|S HERE.