Call of Duty Modern Warfare Virtual Pets Added to the Game

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare  

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Infinity Ward announced the Call of Duty Modern Warfare virtual pets with Tomogunchi. This has been inspired by the popular 90s game Tamagochi. This comes as an ingame watch which will cost around $10 or 1,000 COD points.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Call of Duty Modern Warfare PS4
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Xbox One

The Tomogumchi can be equipped via the Weapons Tab then the Watch Select Menu. This is a simplified version of the Tamaguchi where it’s survival is based on your performance as well as ability to achieve kills, points, killstreaks and wins. If you perform poorly in the game, your pet will become unhappy and eventually die.

Players must constantly reassure their pet with attention. To do this, you can use the d-pad up or the up arrow key to bring out the Watch Interaction gesture.



Your Tomogunchi will start out as an egg and will grow up until it reaches its adult form. Your combat experience will help with this. There are multiple pets available from pandas to dragons.

To hatch and evolve your pet, a bonus charge for it is available. This will be a bonus method for you to evolve your pet faster. You must fill up the bonus charge meter to keep your pets happy and growing. This can be filled up with captures, blasts, killstreaks or top three wins. Each pet will have a different preference for them to evolve.

To interact with your watch in the game, you must standstill. However, this will make you vulnerable in the game and could result in your death as well as your pets! A Tomogunchi death will mean that you will have to start again by hatching a new one.

Activision originally thought that profits would go down for the game once they removed the loot boxes but that wasn’t the case because of the ingame items that they are introducing that are unique as well as nostalgic like this new Call of Duty Modern Warfare virtual pets Tomogunchi watch.


Call of Duty  Modern Warfare

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