Carved DOOM Revenant For DOOM Launch

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DOOM has finally been released!

To celebrate the launch of Doom, Bethesda has requested a talented Australian artist to make a carving of the iconic Revenant. This artist specializes in using chainsaws for his art.


The name of the artist is Rob Bast. He has been sculpting using chainsaws for about 15 years. The Revenant sculpture that he has made for Bethesda is about 8-foot tall using a block of cypress wood. It took him a total of 150 hours to finish his masterpiece. You will see in the video that the magnificent sculpture is accurate up to the tiniest of detail.

Bethesda said that the cypress wood used for the sculpture is recyclable and using a chainsaw as a means of carving is a crucial part, as the chainsaw is a critical part of the game as well. According to the website

“The chainsaw is a key part of the DOOM Marine’s arsenal and using his own saws, Rob has painstakingly recreated one of DOOM’s most fearsome foes in the form of an incredibly detailed sculpture made entirely from recycled sustainable cypress wood.” – Bethesda

For those who would want to see the amazing Revenant sculpture, it is currently on display at the Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia.

The exhibit will be available until May 24, 2016.

You can now play Doom for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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