Causal Gaming Season With Popular Games Like Among US and Fall Guys!

October 11, 2020 at 10:18 PM in Digital Download News, Gaming News, GNews with no comments
Among Us and Fall Guys

Twitch first launched in 2011 and it boomed with streamers and viewers for eSports games.

Last year, the most viewed games were League of Legends and Fortnite. It is true that the most popular games on Twitch are the competitive games, but there are casual games like Among Us and Fall Guys who are gathering up a huge number of fans.

Fall Guys The Ultimate Knock Out

Right now, the hype for Fall Guys is slowly waning, Among Us on the other hand, is still going strong and is topping the streaming and viewing charts on Twitch.

Among Us is known as a “social reduction game,” which is about good communication as well as survival. You could think of the game as a spin-off of “The Werewolves of Bleak Forest”, which is a popular parlor game.




Among Us

You, along with other players will find yourself in a spaceship. There are two assigned roles to players at the start of each round.

Imposter(s) which are one to two players.

Crewmates are all the other players.

The Imposter’s role is to kill the crewmates on the spaceship without getting caught.

The Crewmates’ role is to discuss and vote who they suspect are the Imposters and throw them off the ship.

When a player had been ejected from the ship, there won’t be any communication with them anymore. There are available options in the game where players would be immediately informed if the player that they ejected is the Imposter.

Among Us Fills the Hole Created by Social Distancing

The game offers a unique dynamic that is created between players as everyone must play their role perfectly in order to win.

Among Us launched in 2018 and we are thinking that one of the reasons for the game’s popularity is because of the social distancing being suggested because of the novel coronavirus.

During the pandemic, Among Us has become a way for people to meet friends and is very entertaining.

The game is about deciding who to and not to trust which essentially teaches you to assess the people that you are playing with.

We also think that a part of the game’s success is thanks to the e-athletes who are playing the game like Godsents Martin “STYKO” Styk, summit1G, XQC, sodapoppin, LULULUVLEY, and many more.

As with Fall Guys, the hype for Among Us will eventually die down, and we are sure ready for the next party game when that happens.