Changes with CheapDigitalDownload’s Rewards Program: PunchTab to retire soon

April 4, 2014 at 10:55 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO READ THE UPDATE Dear CheapDigitalDownload Community, Today, we received news from PunchTab, the program we use for CheapDigitalDownload Rewards. Apparently, they will now be retiring their Rewards Program, and will move forward with a new venture. Below is the message we received from them. Please take the time to read this as it contains very important information on PunchTab’s timeline and how it will affect you and your points. 0403 We first want to thank you for using PunchTab’s programs. We’ve spent these last few years learning as much as possible about loyalty, what our customers need, and where we should be focusing- early adopters like you were critical components of our learning process. One of the most important things we’ve learned is that our sweet spot is in providing value to CPG, retail, and enterprise organizations with PunchTab Expand. And since everyone is more successful and efficient when they focus on what they do best, we’ll have our whole team working on Expand moving forward. So, beginning today, the Start and Grow subscriptions of PunchTab are being retired and after 30 days, they will no longer be available. The good news is that while the free loyalty programs and badges will no longer be around, we’ll continue to support the free giveaway widget! Starting April 15th we’ll also put a message on the PunchTab Mast for your users to see, letting them know the program is retiring and they’ll need to start using up their points. For clarification, here’s a little timeline: -Starting today, April 2nd, no new program sign ups will be offered. -April 15th, your users will start to see messaging on the PunchTab dashboards that the program is being retired and they need to use up their points by May 31st. -April 30, programs can no longer be accessed and points cannot be earned. -May 31th, the catalog closes and remaining points can no longer be redeemed. The last three years have been wonderful and we’re thankful you’ve been part of that. We’re excited about our new direction and hope some of you will be able to join us! Thank you from all of us at PunchTab.”   On this regard, our Rewards Team is now looking on solutions to keep CheapDigitalDownload Rewards running. We will update this blog post with news on your current points, our next steps, and other important stuff as they happen.   UPDATE (Friday, 4 April 2014) Here are the newest developments with CheapDigitalDownload Rewards as of Friday, April 4th. 1. We will be doing our final Catalog update today, April 4 (all websites). After today’s update, the Catalog won’t be updated with new games or new stocks anymore. This is to give way to the migration of points from PunchTab to our new rewards system which is still in the works. 2. Referrals will now be closed, however, other existing earning opportunities will still be open – tweet, like, google+, comment. 3. All your remaining points will be transferred to our new rewards system (coming soon). We will post a complete blog post about the steps you would need to take as well as the timeline for transferring of points. The site lock will still be implemented, so for those with multiple accounts (those who have an account with CheapDigitalDownload, and at the same time also joined our other sites’ Rewards Program), please take note that you can only choose 1 site which your points will be transferred from. 4. All pending CD key deliveries (such as those who were able to redeem games that have not been released yet: GTA5, Watch Dogs, etc.) will still be delivered to those who were able to redeem them. 5. For users with accounts that are under investigation, please communicate directly with our Rewards Team via email. ALL messages sent via Facebook will be disregarded.