CheapDigitalDownload Rewards | Rewards system changes

April 21, 2014 at 10:54 AM in Digital Download News with 7 comments
As mentioned on our previous blog post, PunchTab will be retiring its Rewards Program soon. We also mentioned that all your remaining points will be transferred to the new system, so on this regard, we will officially remove PunchTab from all our sites effective Tuesday, April 22.

Points Transfer Registration Schedule

April 22 to April 30 – Registration for transferring of points. Click here for details.

To have your remaining points transferred to the new system, all you need to do is fill out the form below with the following details: *First and Last Name – As it appears on the Facebook account you used to connect to the program *Facebook profile URL *E-mail Address – the one associated with your Facebook account, or the one you used to register to the program (if you registered by e-mail). *Site of Origin – The site where you want to transfer your points from. *Site to transfer points to – The site where you want to transfer your points to. NOTE: Our Rewards Team will base the points to be transferred according to what’s recorded on PunchTab’s database. No need to send us emails advising us on how many points you have.  IMPORTANT! FOR THOSE WITH MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: Please note that the site lock is still in effect during the registration period, and once the new system is up. This means that you can only choose 1 from among our 8 sites where you want the points to be transferred from/to. Your points from our other sites WILL NOT BE COMBINED with your existing points on one site. We will only transfer points from 1 site, so you need to choose wisely. Please do not register more than 1 account under the same name and email address, if you have any. Our Rewards Team will not transfer your points if you register multiple accounts.
The registration period will only run until April 30. After this date, no new registrations will be accommodated as PunchTab will also close its system and our Rewards Team won’t be able to access it anymore. Your remaining points will be transferred once the new system is up. You can still earn points until April 30. Our new system is in the process of being developed and tested. We will post an official announcement on our Facebook page once it’s ready.