Check Out The Brand New Allkeyshop Rewards Program

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AllKeyshop Reward Program

Allkeyshop will have many ways for you to gather points via the site. The points that you will be earning can be used in joining the daily lottery where you will be able to win new games as well as other great prizes. Know the mechanics below:


Quests are available for site visitors in order to earn daily points. The quests are not hard to do at all, these are just simple tasks that anyone can surely do. You can check out the complete list of quests in the link below:

Two types of quests are available – Daily Quests and Other Quests. The Daily Quests as the name implies can be done every single day, and this, in turn, will give you the chance to earn points every day. Since it is daily, it does reset every 00:00 UTC. Some of the Daily Quests can be done multiple times, which will allow you to earn more points every day by accomplishing it. For the Other Quests, these are special quests that allow visitors to earn points at different times. As seen in the list you may have also seen the Highlighted Quests section, these are special quests that give you a chance to earn more points.

You can check out the different parts of a quest below:

AllKeyshop Reward Program Quests

In order for you to maximize your points every day, go ahead and check the Reward Program page and check the quests that you haven’t finished yet in the Daily Quests. Every single day, you could get a chance to earn 15,700 points (plus the redeemed coupon points) just by completing all of the Daily Quests.

Daily Lotteries

With all the points that you were able to earn, you can use these to join the Daily Lotteries. The lotteries will give players a chance to win coins (¢) which can be used in, our partner site. More information about our partner site will be available later on but a simple description is that the SteamKeyBox site is a website that allows you to create a custom prize wheel that you are able to spin and win games with. For the Daily Lotteries, you can check that out on the link below:

There is a main lottery that will give you a chance to win 30 coins. You can do this by purchasing tickets that are worth 100,000 points each. There are also other lotteries available that have price ranges from 1 to 25 coins. With lower ticket prices. All of these will be available to you. You would just have to click on them in order to join. Also, you are allowed to purchase all the tickets that your points are capable of. Of course, the more tickets you purchase the better chances you have in winning the lottery. There is a twist though if you don’t win the lottery all the points that you used can be refunded back to you. However, if you win, all the points that you used will not be refunded back to you and you will get the coins as a result of that.

AllKeyshop Reward Program Daily Lotteries

For you to join the lottery, make sure that you are on the right lottery page. There will be a list of lotteries to join including the main lottery which is usually at the top of the list. The duration of the lotteries can be seen at the top of each lottery. To play, just click on the “Play Lottery” button. Then place in the number of lottery tickets you would want to buy with your points. The total cost of the points will be shown, then click on “Pay”. Make sure that you have enough points. A confirmation message will then appear saying that your tickets have been successfully saved. You will also have another option to purchase more tickets by clicking on “Get More Tickets”.

A winner is automatically drawn by the system once the timer for each lottery has expired. The name of the winners can be seen at the bottom of the lottery. A SteamKeyBox voucher code will be sent to the winner’s Allkeyshop profile. To check your profile click on the link below:

Prize Redemption

With the voucher code that you received, you will be able to redeem your coins by going to your SteamKeyBox profile. Do note that you must register your account with SteamKeyBox by linking a Facebook, Google, Steam or Twitch account in order for you to redeem your voucher codes as well as use the site’s services. You must log in to exchange your voucher code for its corresponding points.

With your coins, you can now use it to create your very own prize wheel to use in SteamKeyBox. You will be able to customize your wheel with the games that you want and then spin it in order to get your prize. This is one very unique and fun way to earn prizes online.

AllKeyshop Reward Program SteamKeyBox

To get more information on how to use you can check out their tutorial at the site’s homepage or simply check out the link below:

Hope that this article is informative to you. Do get all the Daily Quests to get the most amount of points. Good luck!