Check Out The Details Of Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass

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Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass will have additional content as announced by Ubisoft. Some of the things that the players would enjoy in the season pass are “new co-op challenges and difficulty levels, new outfits, new vehicles and new world stories,” as said in Ubisoft’s blog post.

Details of Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass

T-Bone Content Bundle

Available by December 13 (PS4)

From Watch Dogs to Watch Dogs 2, Raymond “T-Bone” Kenny is back. The T-Bone Content Bundle DLC includes T-Bone’s truck, outfit and all new co-op difficulty level called Mayhem. Mayhem also introduces a new enemy archetype that will give the players one hell of a time because it is equipped with advanced weaponry.

Human Conditions

Available by Spring 2017

Expose the scandals revolving around biotech companies in Human Conditions. Take on the three story missions with the help of fellow hackers Jordi and Lenni.

  • Automata – You would have to prove that the newest car of a biometric car company can withstand hacks.
  • Bad Medicine – Team up with Jordi, and take on the Russian Mafia.
  • Caustic Progress – This time, team up with Lenni and expose a company that uses the homeless as their lab rats.

No Compromise

Available by Spring of 2017

No Compromise is a new world story that will bring Marcus face to face with the Russian Mafia. This will also include a new co-op mode called ShowdOwn. This new game mode is the survival of the fittest, testing your skills on survival.

Root Access Bundle

Available this Winter

The mission is to discover and decode the messages of the so-called Zodiac Killer. Marcus will also have new outfits, a drone skin, a new weapon, and cars.

Psychedelic Pack

Available day one

A hippie-themed pack that offers a new outfit, groovy new weapons, a drone, and a car.



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The pre-order bonus mission of Watch Dogs 2 is called ‘The Zodiac Killer’