Check Out These Helpful Tips For For Honor Story Mode

February 21, 2017 at 4:00 AM in Gaming News with no comments

For Honor


For Honor is well known for its Multiplayer Mode, but what about the For Honor Story Mode? The Story Mode is equally important because this increases your Story Level. The Story Level is used to open Feats to use in your missions.

The game doesn’t divulge everything about its Story Mode. Thanks to IGN we now have a list of useful tips and tricks for the best gaming experience plus getting the most of the game.

Missed any collectibles? Go back to the Story mission.

If you for chance miss a Collectible, you can actually go back and play the mission again to find it. This, however, doesn’t apply to Observables and Breakables which are “not missable in all missions and can be found on any difficulty,” as said by IGN.

A better game plan is to save Gear Boxes for later.

You earn Gear Boxes when you find Observables and Breakables. Another way to earn this is by finishing the Story Mode on higher difficulties.

The Gear Boxes that you earn can be opened at a later time instead of opening it immediately because it doesn’t have any time limit. As said by IGN, if you open them when you’ve reached a higher Reputation level the better the chances of getting better weapons and armor.

Online co-op makes everything better especially in the For Honor Story Mode.

Play with a friend and get rewards for finishing missions. Another perk is that it will make playing the story mode so much easier especially when on the Realistic and Hard modes. Communication with your teammate is the key to your success.

We are grateful to IGN for sharing these tips. Hopefully, it will help you when you tackle the For Honor Story Mode.

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