Chernobylite: Ghost Town DLC Available For Free

December 28, 2021 at 8:18 PM in Gaming News with no comments

The Chernobylite: Ghost Town DLC dropped this Christmas and it brings a whole new level as well as side missions to the game.

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Chernobylite: Ghost Town DLC Launch


On Christmas Day, the Farm 51 team launched their free DLC update for their sci-fi horror game Chernobylite. The free DLC is called Ghost Town.

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Ghost Town not only added a new mission as well as a new space, it also came with some bug fixes as well as game tweaks.



Chernobylite Ghost Town Patch:

  • New Pripyat Residential Area
  • Three New Supply Drop Side Missions
  • Three New Monster Hunt Missions

The Pripyat Residential Area will bring you to the actual real-life location as it is an accurate 3D scan of the area. It includes the neighboring areas as well as the Azure swimming pool.

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The Supply Drop Side Missions will have players looking for the NAR resources in the new area. The New Monster Hunt Missions will bring players to a dangerous zone with only limited resources.


Chernobylite Ghost Town Updates and Patch Fixes:

  • Finding monsters has been made easier with the fixed Monster Hunt markers.
  • Players can no longer stab and poison Kozlow in the Kozlow’s Quest.
  • Adjusted weapon and upgrade cameras.
  • Adjusted weapon skin packs.
  • Heist crashes are fixed.
  • No more levitating objects.
  • Fixed misspellings.
  • Tutorial icon bugs fixed.

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