Chernobylite Launch Date Confirmed With New Trailer

June 19, 2021 at 1:00 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Chernobylite from developers The Farm 51 shared a new gameplay trailer with the announcement that the game will be leaving Early Access soon.

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Chernobylite is set in the Chernobyl powerplant where you play as an ex-employee looking for a lost loved one. This is a survival horror, science-fiction game.


chernobylite enemy


The trailer features the horrors that players get to face in the game as well as parts of the exclusion zone that you will be exploring.

Players would be experiencing Chernobyl first hand since the exclusion zone is an accurate 3D scan of the place.




Each action that you do in the game will have a ripple effect on the game’s world as well as your companions. Which means that you have to weigh the decisions that you make.

However, if you made a bad decision, you have a handy device that is able to change the past and correct your mistakes.


Chernobylite gadget


But each alternate reality that you create will not be perfect and is sure to bring some problems as well as threats.

The horrors in the game come in different forms. It varies from the natural to the supernatural. Be careful as any type can cause your demise.

Make sure that you and your companions have each other’s back. Keep an eye on your basic needs and build what you need through crafting.


Chernobylite Launch Date


Chernobylite is set to launch on July 28th via Steam or GoG for those playing on PC. Those wanting to play the game on consoles would have to wait a little bit longer.


Chernobylite Grave




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