COD: MW Ronin Operator Based On Real Veteran

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COD: MW Ronin

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With the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 3 update, 2 new operators had been introduced which were Alex and Ronin. As we all know, COD: MW is a game that values realism, that is why one of the new COD: MW Ronin operators is based on a real-life veteran named Tu Lam.

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Tu Lam fled to the US in 1979 to escape communist Vietnam. He then enlisted in the US Army and then became a part of the Special Forces. He served a total of 32 years in the army, 18 of which with the special forces. During his service, he was able to visit 27 counties most of which had conflicts. He retired in 2016 with the title of Master Sergent. He then founded the company named Ronin Tactics which develops equipment as well as provides training for both civilians and personnel of law enforcement. You will see the company’s logo in Ronin’s shoulder patch in the game.

Co-studio head at Infinity Warfare, Dave Stohl said to Task & Purpose, “A lot of stuff is exaggerated in a way for gaming, but that’s what is so exciting when we meet guys like Tu, because for me, why I got so excited, is because it’s real —he’s real.”

Also, animation director at Infinity Warfare, Mark Grigsby said that working with a real veteran brings something special to the game, “There’s a certain way you can tell that person has that weapon in his hand, and that he’s had that in his hand in multiple situations and it is very natural to him.”

Coming to COD: MW as Ronin, Lam said had been morale-boosting, “You can’t walk into the post exchange without seeing Call of Duty posters,” he added, “It’s just really part of the culture in the military. In Special Forces, we’d go out to do missions, and then guys would come back to log on to play. It’s a morale thing for our veterans overseas.”

The Ronin Operator Bundle available for 2400 Call of Duty Points. Operator Ronin can be played in Multiplayer and Warzone.



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