Critics Review Of Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia

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Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia

This is the very first time that this franchise released a spin-off and Total War Saga. Thrones of Britannia was able to get mixed reviews from critics. Since this is the very first from the series and it does make sense that they opted to focus on a specific time and place for this campaign because those types are usually the best ones. Banking on that thought, know what the critics have to say exactly about the game:


Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Review Round-Up

IGN – 7.7/10

“The first Total War Saga game tries a lot of new things, succeeding at about half of them. It improves on a few areas historical Total War games have struggled with, but at the same time falls back into some bad, old habits that other games in the series were able to rise above.”

– TJ Hafer


“Thrones of Britannia is an exciting experience despite the cuts to integral components of the Total War series… But this has given Creative Assembly room to focus on enhancing parts of the strategy experience that aren’t quite as impenetrable to newcomers, and to allow the series to return to some of the beloved parts of previous historical games to balance out its newer, slimmer form.”

– Ginny Woo

PC GAMER – 73/100

” It attempts to condense the Total War experience, throwing everyone into conflict and cranking up the pace, but it does little to stop the significant lulls that can happen in the mid and late game. Indeed, while the events and busy map initially make this one of the most engaging games in the series, it can suddenly devolve into one of the dullest once some of the pieces have been knocked off the board.”

– Fraser Brown

US GAMER – 3.5/5

“Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia aims to focus the Total War series. Instead of a grand chunk of history to explore, it drills down to some specific decades, with a much smaller map. At the end of the day though, you still need to love the real-time strategy play for the Total War series. If you do, Thrones of Britannia is an experience that tries not to suck up all of your time and energy.”

– Mike Williams

METRO UK – 7/10

“Creating a more streamlined and accessible Total War is a perfectly good idea but in the end Thrones Of Britannia loses more than it gains by the change of scale. The real-time battles are still as entertaining as ever but the strategic level machinations suffer too much from over-simplification.”

– GameCentral


“Even as someone who likes Total War, I wasn’t sure whether I was having a good time for the first few hours… Yet Thrones of Britannia retains all the classic hooks of getting under your skin. One more turn becomes one more hour. One more hour becomes, blimey, where did the early hours of the morning go?”

– Stuart Andrews


“Thrones of Britannia is a game of small victories – the finer touches are what makes it shine, but the broad strokes are no different to what you’ve played before. There will be moments of excitement and wonder, followed by stretches of tedium or sterile, mechanical gameplay.”

– Joe Robinson


“The more detailed focus of this new Saga spinoff series works very well, and the greater emphasis on character progression breathes new life into the strategy half of the campaign. CA has done a great job adding more personality to the turn-based portion of the game, and the more detailed examination of this particular period of history has allowed them to more vividly bring it to life.”

– Mike Holmes

And it seems that some of the critics are not convinced with some of the choices made for the game specifically the gameplay. However, they do think that it is worth the addition to the game’s franchise.

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