‘Dam It’ Is The Left 4 Dead Final Campaign And It Is Available Now

November 8, 2016 at 7:53 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Left 4 Dead Final Campaign Cover

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Left 4 Dead is actually a game that came out on 2008. The game came up once again because Turtle Rock Studios revealed their final campaign for the game and it is called ‘Dam It’.

The final campaign ‘Dam It’ is actually an unreleased level. It was completed by stitching up Dead Air and Blood Harvest adding in previously unreleased survival maps.

Turtle Rock’s Chris Ashton has said that the DLC is a “grey box” meaning that there are still missing parts of the game however it is “playable from beginning to end”.

Issues that you will encounter in the game are zombies in the orchard may not be crawling all the time, burned forest is missing the wandering fires, the covered bridge does not collapse when it explodes, the panic events in the hangers are not triggered by fire, smoke, or explosion, and spawning of the farm house mob is not available on the far side of the woods.


Left 4 Dead was originally Turtle Rock Studios project and was later on acquired by Valve Corporation when the studio closed down. Turtle Rock Studios is now reconstituted and is an independent studio since 2010.

Dam It can only be played on PC, you can download the campaign HERE for free.