Death Stranding Will Be Getting A PC Launch

October 28, 2019 at 2:49 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Death Stranding  

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Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding will be launching in over a week and a lot of people are excited. Another good news for the game had been shared as well, as Kojima Productions announced that Death Stranding will not be a PlayStation 4 exclusive game.

The game, Death Stranding, will also be available for PC. Last August, the game had been removed from the PlayStation 4 exclusives on the official PlayStation website. Fans of the game were hoping for an announcement for the game to be available on PC, and they got it.

Here’s the announcement tweet below:

There had been a number of reveals as well as trailers available for the game but it still is hard to grasp what the game is all about. What we do know is that the players will play as Norman Reedus, who is some kind of a deliveryman who is trying to reconnect humanity using a global network. Looking back at what we’ve seen so far, like the babies, the ghostly figures and everything, it’s really hard to understand what the game is all about.

Surely everything will make sense about the game come November 8th when it is released for PlayStation 4. The game will also come later for PC at around the summer of 2020.


Death Stranding is Ready for November Release, Will Not Need PS Plus For Multiplayer


Death Stranding will not be needing a PS Plus in order to play the multiplayer and it has also gone gold which means it is ready to ship by November.