Deceive Inc. A Competitive Multiplayer Game To Launch On 2023

March 21, 2022 at 2:59 AM in Gaming News with no comments

An upcoming competitive multiplayer game called Deceive Inc. will have players going for a single objective and competing with other spies for it.

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The game is from Sweet Bandits Studios and Tripwire Interactive. It is a competitive multiplayer available for PC and consoles this 2023.

Get to play as one of the spies to go on an undercover agent to finish a specific objective. You will be well equipped with interesting and useful gadgets to complete the job.

  deceive inc announced  

The only thing is, you are not the only spy gunning for the objective. There are other rival spies who are equally well equipped and skilled.

There should only be one spy to complete the mission.



  deceive inc stealth multiplayer action  
  • Choose from multiple spies that come with unique skillsets and weapons.
  • A variety of items to use like a bulletproof umbrella, inflatable mat, a holo-mimic and more.
  • Every agent has a high-tech holo watch which they can use to create a disguise like staff members or security personnel and more. The thing is when you get shot or try to shoot someone your disguise will be detected.
  • There are a lot of possible suspects, different electronics to hack and so many more to do.




As of the moment, a specific launch date is not available for the game. It is said to be launching sometime in 2023 for PC via Steam and Epic Games, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Deceive Inc. is brought to us by the partnership of Sweet Bandit and the publishing arm of Tripwire Interactive which is Tripwire Presents.



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