Desperados 3 Demo Now Downloadable on

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Desperados 3 Demo

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The wild west is at your doorstep as the Desperados 3 demo is now available at so get to download the demo not and play.

The game is the long-awaited prequel to Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive.

We have for you the official post on sharing what can be expected in the demo.

“Play the free Desperados III Demo now and visit Wild West Colorado and Mexico!

In good old Mimimi Games tradition, we proudly offer this demonstration of confidence to you. You can play two missions from the beginning of the game: First, you learn the ropes as young Cooper on a bounty hunting mission with his father.

Then, you’ll unleash grown-up Cooper’s full skillset on a large force of bandits and join forces with legendary Doc McCoy to stop a full-blown train robbery.

We even offer a short glimpse on the third mission, where giant trapper Hector joins the group in a Western town full of Thugs.

Expected Playtime is approximately 90 – 120 minutes (Although the second Mission might be tempting for a speedrun, show us your mission end screen!)

Accept our humble invitation to stealthily pile up bad guys behind bushes and get a taste of the story-driven, hardcore tactical stealth gameplay of Desperados III.”

You have the choice to make the wild west how you would want it to be. Kill through stealth with your knife or use your revolver and kill a lot of your enemies faster.

Desperados 3 the full game will be launching on June 16, 2020.



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