Desperados 3 Interactive Trailer Shared

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Desperados 3

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A Desperados 3 interactive trailer has been shared by THQ Nordic. It is an interactive trailer so the initial video is just 45 seconds long and after that choices will be given leading to new videos.

After watching the initial trailer, two new video suggestions will appear, one of which is “Go Loud” and the other is “Go Quiet”.

Choosing “Go Quiet” will lead you to a video that is about stealth gameplay. The “Go Loud” on the other hand is about brute force with guns-a-blazing.

After each of the two videos, two choices will be presented once again. Under “Go Quiet” you are able to choose from “Set a Trap” or “Use Your Environment”. Under “Set a Trap” you will get to see stealthy takedowns using traps and under “Use Your Environment” you get to see the interactive environment being used in order to get the upper hand in the battle.

By chance if you choose “Go Loud”, the two options are “Pick ‘em Off” and “Last Stand”. The “Pick ‘em Off” option shares a more tactical approach to killing off your enemies. The other option “Last Stand” offers a strategy where you outlast your enemies even though you receive damage.

Get to watch the Desperados 3 interactive trailer below:

Also, a miniature trailer has been launched for the game. This has been directed by Mimimi Games and features the game’s environment and developmental direction.

The interactive trailer is something new and is definitely fun to do. If you would want to experience both options, you are able to do so by just going back to the options.

Desperados 3 is set to launch on June 16, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


Desperados 3

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