Destiny 2 Lightfall Patch Notes

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available and we have the patch notes here for you.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall Patch Notes - All the Changes    

Key Facts

  • Destiny 2: Lightfall is the newest expansion for Bungie’s Destiny 2.
  • Lightfall comes with Season 20, a new subclass, new raids and dungeons added to the game.
  • This also comes with Endgrams, emotes, keys, and chests.



The newest expansion for Bungie’s MMORPG FPS, Destiny 2 comes with a lot of changes as well as new features.

  Destiny 2: Lightfall Release Date  

Lightfall comes with seasonal updates to Engrams, Energy, Focusing, chests, and keys. It also comes with changes to UI/UX, armor and weapons. It also comes with a new raid, subclass, a new campaign, and new Dark powers to unlock.


Destiny 2: Lightfall Patch Notes:



  • Armor pieces from Master difficulty Grasp of Avarice, Duality, and Spire of the Watcher drop with higher stats.


  • Added an Exotic Armor Swap penalty applied to Trials of Osiris and Competitive Division. Equipping a different piece of Exotic armor drains all ability energy in these modes.
  • Competitive Division
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Competitive intro quest to auto-claim the completion reward. Rewards are now claimed upon interacting with Shaxx.
    • Competitive Rift & Showdown have reduced revive delay time to 1.5s from 2s; reduced respawn time to 5.5s from 7s.


  • Hero, Legend, and Master difficulties have been reworked for greater challenge and to accommodate new modifiers. Adept difficulty has been removed.
    • Hero activity level is now soft cap + 20. Legend is Power cap + 30, and Master is Power cap + 40. Each has a scaling combat delta that keeps you under level in the activity and provides a smoother pathway to Grandmaster.
  • Most Hero/Legend/Master/Grandmaster activities now feature the ability to use “overcharged” weapons for increased damage. Which weapons are overcharged are determined by your Seasonal Artifact unlocks and activity modifiers.
  • Elemental singes and burns have been replaced and broken out into incoming and outgoing components: “threats” and “surges”. Damage bonuses for surges and overcharges do not stack.


  • Umbral engrams are no longer used to focus seasonal weapons and armor and will no longer drop from the game.
    • As a result, there will no longer be Seasonal umbral energy.
  • Seasonal engrams are a new type of engram.
    • You can visit the seasonal vendor to open them.
    • Or you can spend multiple seasonal engrams to focus into specific weapons or armor.
    • Seasonal focusing is now a separate screen and can be accessed at the vendor by pressing the button next to upgrades.
      • If you focused on Crucible engrams in Season 19 at Shaxx, you’ll be familiar with this system.
    • Seasonal engrams are stored at the vendor and do not require inventory space.
    • There is a wallet item you can acquire by visiting the seasonal vendor. Hovering over this item in your inventory will show you how many engrams you have for each vendor. If you delete this item, you can reacquire it from the vendor.
  • Owners of a season will now periodically be rewarded with a seasonal engram and/or a seasonal key upon completing activities throughout the game.
    • These are known as defiant engrams and defiant keys for Season of Defiance.
  • Playlist versions of the seasonal battlegrounds have one chest at the end of the activity.
    • If you DO NOT have a seasonal key when you open that chest, you will receive a seasonal weapon or armor.
    • If you DO have a seasonal key, it will be consumed and you will receive the following:
      • EITHER a seasonal weapon with Deepsight resonance that you have not completed the crafting pattern for OR a high stat piece of seasonal armor.
      • AND a seasonal engram.
    • Make sure you open the chest at the end of the activity!
    • World pool weapons and armor no longer drop at the end of the playlist version of seasonal activities.
  • Direct launch versions of the seasonal battlegrounds will not have chests and instead award world pool weapons and armor.


  • All subclass-agnostic finishers now support Strand coloration when using a Strand subclass.
  • Updated the VFX for Stasis finishers to fix coloration issues.


  • The “Ghost Fist Bump” Exotic emote now supports Strand coloration when using a Strand subclass.


  • Weekly powerful rewards have been removed from Throne World and added to Neomuna.

There are a lot of other fixes still available which you can check out in the complete Destiny 2: Lightfall patch notes on Bungie.

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